Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Christmas Holidays - Part 1

My Christmas holidays were quite nice. We got our Christmas break on 21st of December. I got a phone, Monopoly millionaire, a game for the DS and a globe Jigsaw from Santa. I had dinner at my cousin's house. I stayed there for the day and we played nearly all their games with them. R.H.

We got our Christmas holiday's on Friday 21st of December. Christmas eve was the 24th of
December. I was very excited that day for Christmas. I got lego, monster fighters the vampire's castle remote control helicopter, lego city hospital, binoculars and dvds. I served mass on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I had turkey, ham, carrots, peas, potatoes and cabbage for Christmas dinner. It was the best Christmas ever. A.M.

Friday 21st December. I got a tablet alternate control thing, a lego set and a halo set and two games and some other stuff. It was my baby brother's birthday, he went to the play centre he had a fun time, I think any way. L.M.

I got an iPad and games, a football and a Liverpool t-shirt and sweets and I ate turkey and it was nice. D.H.

On Christmas Eve I served Mass. On Christmas morning I got up at 3 o'clock. I got lots of presents. On St. Stephen's day I hunted the wren with the Handball club. We did 22 pubs. It was very enjoyable, I also had a rugby tournament that day. I scored a try. I had a soccer tournament we got into the final but we lost by a goal. I went to Birr also over the holidays, I played loads of snooker and darts. I have loads of other news but I don't want to write it. A.N.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Monday 12 November 2012

On Friday 26th October I went to a fancy dress party in the school, then later that evening I went to Dublin. On Saturday October 27th I went shopping in Dundrum. I came home on 29th October.
On Halloween I went trick or treating with Jessica, Tania and David. Jessica stayed over that night.On Thursday I had a party. Emer, Laoise, Ellie, Robyn and Jessica came. Emer ,Robyn and Ellie stayed that night.
On Friday I went to Aldi. Robyn and Ellie came to. We saw Shannon, Emma and their grandad Liam there. On the way back we dropped home Robyn and Ellie.That night I went to Jason Brogan's mass in Whitegate. That was my Halloween break. C K

Monday, 5 November 2012

Halloween 2012 part 1

I went trick or treating in Whitegate with Steven and Eoin and we got a lot of sweets. We went to the disco in Whitegate for a few minutes and then we went back to our house and we ate all of our sweets. The next day we went go karting in Tynagh and we all had fun. I had a good Halloween . D H

On 29th we had our U12s final. We were playing Bodyke,.I scored two goals. We won the game that evening. I went to the minor final and my brother was playing in it. They lost to Wolf Tones. On Halloween I went to the Halloween party at school then I went trick or treating around Mountshannon. Afterwards I stayed for the night at Barry's house. We watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid. On Saturday I went to Delta Adventure City because it was my friend Sam's birthday party. Afterwards the U13 final was on in Eire Og, We lost to Ennistymon. It was very wet and cold in Eire Og. L S

On Friday 26th October we got our Halloween holidays. We had a small party at school, we also raised money for Temple Street Children's Hospital. I dressed up as a zombie. Every one had great costumes. On Sunday 28th October the badminton club had a sponsored walk and I went to that. On Wednesday October 31st I went trick or treating and I stayed at Laoise's house and we got lots of sweets. Then on Thursday I went shopping in Limerick. I also went horse riding. On Friday I stayed at my granny's for the night. Then on Saturday I had a sleep over at Amber's house. I had lots of fun over the Halloween break.        N B

On my Halloween break we got off school on October 26th which was a Friday. We got one week off school. On Wednesday we went trick or treating with Oscar, Liam and Dualta. We went around Mountshannon and we got lots of sweets. On Friday I saw Madagascar 3 , it was a brilliant movie. On Saturday I went to Limerick with my older sisters on the bus. On Saturday it was my aunts birthday. A M

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Summer holidays 20121

A few weeks ago I got a horse. He is 14.2 hands and its chestnut coloured. It has a Texan star on its right side and a long dark brown mane. His name is Little Texas because of the Texan star on its side. L O' M

I played a lot of golf competitions during the summer holidays. We are preparing for a final in Cusack Park in hurling. R H

In the summer holidays my family and I stayed in Wicklow for a night. We did lots of fun things such as shopping, swimming, playing games, watching movies and going for walks. We also went to Dublin Zoo, it was a great experience. N B

We went to Galway to the fun fair and then we went to Fanore camping in a mobile. Some one fell off the third pier and cracked his skull. L M

I went to Spain during my summer break and had lots of fun. I went camping in Fanore and went swimming. O B

On 24th June I went to Marbella in Spain. It was very hot in the night, about 30 degrees and the day was the hottest at 45 degrees.
During the summer I split my leg open down by the boats at the harbour.
My uncle, aunt and cousins moved back into their house after the time it went on fire.
My cousin in Mayo is getting married in May.
I went to Mayo for a week to a summer music school. C K

Last week someone got stabbed at the lake in Mountshannon.
My family and I went to Cork for a week and went to see Ice Age. We had the whole cinema to ourselves. E K

During the summer holidays I went to swimming lessons in the harbour. I was in swim 5 and my sister was in swim 2. My aunt Danielle went to Australia for a month. She really liked it over there and went to see her brother. My mums boyfriend went to America. S W

I went to Sardinia, I had lots of fun and when I was out there my dad ripped his Achilles tendon because he fell off a horse. J A

I went to Trabolgan with my dad and we had a lot of fun. We went to the pool, bowling and we went to the sea and found golf balls.
I went to the cinema and saw the Lorax and it was very good and I went to Delta city with my mam. D H

We got a new car in the summer. My brother Liam passed his leaving cert and he is going to Galway. He will be living with his friend in an apartment. L S

I went to Cape May for a week. I went to a water park in Long Island and I went on a slide that was eight storeys high. It was called the Cliff Diver. I went to see the band Train and my uncle got us VIP tickets for the concert. I got a signed guitar pick and a tee shirt from the concert. I also saw the gold Olympic medallist Missy Franklin and an Olympic gymnast. One morning I was on the Today show which was broadcast from the Rockefeller Centre. A N

Over the summer holidays the weather was very bad. I didn’t go abroad but I went to the Carlton hotel for two nights in Galway and we went shopping there. My cousins came from Geneva but they left yesterday.   C D

I went to the fleadh in Cavan. I went to Killarney for a night and then we went to the funfair. We also climbed a huge waterfall. We went to the cinema and saw Lorax, G H

Over the summer holidays Nicola came over for a sleepover and we had lots of fun. Danielle came over to my house for a sleepover and we went for a walk and had a water fight. I went to the cinema three times. I went to see Ice Age, Brave and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. A M

During the summer holidays I got a kitten and her name is Smudge. Yesterday we got a collar for Smudge with a bell on it. She loves going outside and sleeping. A M

Friday, 13 January 2012

Christmas Holidays

On Christmas Eve we went to Mass and then our neighbours came up to our house. On Christmas day we woke up early and got our presents. In the afternoon my Aunty, Granny and my Uncle came for Christmas dinner. We pulled Christmas crackers as well. In the evening my Uncle and Aunty and my other Aunty and her Fiancee came up to visit us, it was a wonderful day.  During the Christmas we had lots of visitors, my Grand Uncles, Grand Aunts, cousins, Aunts and Uncles came. We went ice skating in Limerick and we met my Mam’s friend there. We went for a walk with my Uncle and we saw hunters in the field and my brother asked if they were soldiers, then he asked if they were German! He was afraid because they had guns!    L.B.

During the Christmas I was so excited because Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I had to type my list, my sister’s list and my brother’s list of what they wanted. My Aunty sent them off on the first day of December.  On Christmas Eve I went to bed at half 9.  I was so excited I didn’t get to sleep. When my sister told me that the presents were here I ran down the stairs as quick as the wind. There were so many presents. the biggest ones were the bike and air hockey table. We had lots of visitors and at the Christmas dinner I got to light the candle. We light it every year at Christmas.  A.M.

This Christmas was a happy holiday for my family and I.  We sent cards to family and friends, we put up our pretty tree and decorations and stockings also.  We left food out for Santa and his reindeer too!  On Christmas day we got up early and went to see our presents. I got all the presents I wished for from Santa and I gave and received presents from my family. I had a turkey, spuds, peas, gravy and stuffing for dinner, it was tasty. We spent the day at home but visited a few neighbours to wish them a happy Christmas. I went to Mass also. It was a really excellent Christmas.  A.N.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Our Christmas Holidays

On the Christmas holidays I was sick for the whole two weeks, I had a head cold but mostly I had a bad cough. A.Mac.

I got a Wii for Christmas. I also got Lego Creator Light House Island. My cousin stayed over for the happy New Year. A.D.

I got a bike, a camera, checkers and lip balm. I put up the decorations. We put up a big tree. I went to my cousin Lauren. We had lots of fun. I had a sleepover and we went to our Granny and Grandads – we slept over twice. A.H.

For Christmas I got a set of goals. I am not going to put them up until the Summer. B.G.

My Cousins, Aunty, Nanna and I went to an ice rink in Limerick and it was lots of fun and after the ice skating we went shopping. D.O'B.

Me and my brother got an e-mail from Santa. I had a great time at Christmas. I got lots of presents. I had Christmas dinner at my house. My Aunty and Uncles came too. I went to Laois to see my friends. I went to see my Uncle who is in the nursing home, it was nice to see him. C.B.

I got FIFA 12 and I got Nintendo 3DS. I got Xbox live and I went ice skating on 24th Dec. D.H.

My Auntie & Uncle went to Australia for 4 weeks. They had a lovely time, they saw crocodiles and lots more animals. R.H.

For Christmas I got an Nintendo DS and a Chatamal and 4 selection boxes, and a Hello Kitty key chain set. A.M.

For Christmas I got a 3DS. My Aunt had a baby called Patrick. I stayed at my Aunt's house on Saturday. R.D

It was my birthday during the Christmas holidays. I was ten years old. I had a party and a sleepover. At my sleepover Amber jumped off my bed and hurt her foot! N.B.

I was sick. It did not snow this Christmas. It was a bit disappointing. My Aunty came over from England. L.S.

I have a new baby brother, his name is Nathan. In the hospital the nurses were calling him Elvis because of all his hair. L.M.

For Christmas dinner I went over to a friend's house. We had lots of fun and had a big dinner. L.OM
For Christmas I got baby twins, a doll, a disco ball and a microphone. From my brother I got a Justin Bieber cup with my name on it and a pink ukulele. C.A.

My favourite present was my skylanders starter set. I got a skate board with gear from Santa. We had a really nice Christmas dinner, we had it at home. T.B.

For Christmas I went to Dublin. I went to Dublin zoo. I was in Dublin for 3 days. I saw my cousin. L.S.

I had a cough on Christmas day and we went down at 4 o'clock in the morning to see what Santa brought us. O.B.

I got the Lego ideas book from my cousins. My favourite presents were Sky Landers and my DSI. R.B.

On Sunday I went to see Aladdin in the pantomine, it was really good. Santa gave me a green machine, a microscope and a puzzle book and he also have me a Draughts set. Christmas was really fun. I love Christmas. E.O'G.

I got a Nintendo Wii and Air Hog Necktron wave and a dvd from Santa. E.D.

I went to see two pantomimes, Cinderealla and Aladdin. My sister is drinking out of a beaker now she is 6 months old. For Christmas I got bop-it XT, Slyvanian beachwood hall, Slyvanian pony and stable and baby Alive. My Aunty, my two uncles and my Nanny got me a Slyvanian Hotel. A.C.L.

We went to Lapland on the 19th Dec. In Lapland there was snow everywhere. In Lapland we saw Santa and the Elves and the reindeers. They pulled me, Greta and Mam on the sleigh. It was a really good trip. A.H.

For Christmas I got lots of toys, a 10 in 1 family game set, a skipping rope and a big box of chocolates. A.B

For Christmas I got astro turf boots, I got the luminous yellow and black Munster jersey and I got the new Munster trousers, an orange and a bag of cola bottles. I got a Liverpool hat for the winter, a Titanic book, a pyjamas, fluffy socks and a Clare air freshener. A.N.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Our Halloween Break

I went to my friends house to stay the night. I only made a pumpkin at my house, thats all I did. I also bought a mask that I was going to wear but I didnt. P L

On Friday 28th October I dressed up as a mummy and we all raised money for Temple Street Hospital. On Halloween day I went to a party in the Mountshannon play school. Then later on I went trick or treating with my dad and sister. Then I went to the forge and ate roasted marshmallows. We went to the harbour and let off fireworks. I really enjoyed it. S W

On Halloween afternoon Hannah, Emer, Robyn and myself went to the childcare centre to get the Halloween party ready. Then we went home to get ready for the party. After the party we went trick or treating. On the way home someone let off fire works nearby and Robyn nearly crawled under a car she was so scared! That night the four of us stayed the night at Emer's house. I didnt get much sweets but I didnt mind. A S

On Monday I went trick or treating and I got loads of sweets, I went with my cousin, brother and sisters. After we stopped trick or treating we went into the forge and it was really fun. On Friday my aunt, uncle and cousin came from America and I was really excited. On Saturday I went down to my uncles house in Galway and my sister and I stayed the night. G H

For the Halloween break we went trick or treating to Ennis with my cousins. We went to loads of houses and I got crisps, jellies and chocolate. S M

During the Halloween break I went to the aquarium in Salthill, Galway. After that we went to Shop Street and I got a new hoodie. The next day we went trick or treating. The day after that we went to Cork. In Cork we went to three churches, one of them was Shandon and we rang the bells. It was fun. T A

On the Halloween break we had a party in the school and we raised money for Temple Street Childrens Hospital. My family and I went to Galway to see the aquarium in Salthill. J A

During the Halloween break I went trick or treating with Daire and Oisin. Daire and I were terrorists and Oisin was Jedward. Oisin was Daire's and my hostage. D S

I went to the Halloween party in the play school on Monday from 3 to 5pm.There were lots of sweets and drinks and we played games like Musical Statues and Dead Man Rise. There was a tunnel of terror which was cool. After the party we went trick or treating and I got lots of sweets. After all that we let off fireworks and a lantern , then we lit the bonfire. My Halloween was the best.

During Halloween holidays we went to Dublin. We stayed at Grandad's house while he was in Norway. We had an extremely scary evening at the scary forest event. There were witches, a devil on stilts, frightening sound effects, a zombie wondering about staring at people and an angel on stilts warning of evil presences. DS

I had a very good Halloween break. I went trick or treating in Whitegate with all my friends. I was Jedward along with my friend Dara. After I went trick or treating I went to a disco in the hall and I was the DJ. I wasnt at home but my dad said there were a lot of trick or treaters. C D

 During the Halloween break I went to Dublin for three days. The weather that day was wet and rainy.That night I dressed up as a lawyer and we went around to different houses. I got lots of sweets!. After that there was a party at my friends house. We played a game where you tried to get money out of a basin of water.       A N

Over the Halloween break I went trick or treating and ate lots of sweets and had three sleepovers. I went trick or treating in Mountshannon with Robyn, Laoise, Elena, Emer and Anna. I also baked barn brack. H N

 I dressed up at school. I wore glasses. The money we raised was for Temple Street Children's Hospital. JC

On the Friday before Halloween we dressed up in school for Temple Street Hospital. Then on Monday there was a disco on in the creche and when I got home I went trick or treating.C M N

On Halloween I went trick or treating with David and Daire. They were terrorists and I was Edward from Jedward. I was their hostage. O K

On Friday October 28th we got our Halloween break. I went to a Halloween party organized by the parents Association. After that I went trick or treating with my friend Robyn, Hannah and Anna. I got lots of sweets and after that I had a sleepover. E O' M

On Friday 28th October we dressed up in school for Temple Street Children's Hospital and it was a great day. On Halloween Monday 31st I went trick or treating. I had a great time. I also made chocolate apples with my friend Ava at her house. C G

I went to Dublin during the Halloween break. On Saturday there was a childrens Halloween party in the hotel. On Halloween I went trick or treating, I got loads of sweets.

On Halloween night I went to the Halloween disco in the creche organized by the Parents Association. After that I went trick or treating. Then I went to the disco in the clubhouse in Whitegate. It was good. L B

My Halloween break was really fun. I dressed up as a pirate for the party and Luigi for Halloween.I went trick or treating with my friends. I got a lot of sweets from Mrs O' Hara. F H

For Halloween break I went trick or treating, it was really fun. Before I went trick or treating I went to the party in the creche. Then I went trick or treating with my friends. I got loads of sweets. M O' R

On the Halloween break we had a party in the school and we raised money for Temple Street Children's Hospital. My family and I went to Galway to see the aquarium in Salthill. J A